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Understanding Tenant Migrations

With today's proliferation of always-available, cloud-based email providers, why would you need a backup MX service?

This is because neither Microsoft nor Google allow for the same domain name to be bound to their service at the same time. If you need to migrate your tenant, your domain name will have to be deleted or released from their service causing mail deliverery to fail while the new tenant is provisioned and your domain name attached.

We become your default MX record, the destination of choice for all email servers to deliver your precious email. Our service operates by capturing all messages and then safely delivering to your new tenant destination only when you trigger the release of the messages.


Never Lose a Message

An exclusive feature to our Tenant Migration platform versus traditional Backup MX is message replay. It is a short term archive that allows you to instantly resend, retry, or redeliver messages to your email server if you misconfigure your tenant and accidentally reject emails. Messages are kept in the archive for 7 days, so if you discover a problem post migration you can refer and redeliver to the originals.


Mail Server Agnostic

Our migration process works if you are migrating between instances of the same mail server or moving to new platform entirely. A common use case is the migration of Office 365 from Godaddy to Microsoft directly. We have seen tenant deletions take as little as 2 hours and as long as 30 hours before the domain was able to be provisioned again.


Avoid email loss while migrating between Office365 tenants

A common use case involves the transition between (or within) email providers. For example, Microsoft's guide to migrating email accounts between Office365 tenants includes the following instruction:

Change your primary MX record from Office 365 to domain that is not reachable, i.e. "". Internet mail servers attempting to deliver new mail will queue the mail and attempt redelivery for 24 hours. Using this method, some email may return a non-delivery report (NDR) depending on the server attempting to deliver the email. If this is a problem use an MX record backup service. There are many third party services that will queue your email for days or weeks. Once your migration is complete, these services will deliver the queued mail to your new Office 365 tenant.

Never lose a message with our backup MX service during your tenant migration.

Get Started

Successful Migrations

Join thousands of satisfied customers using our tenant migration mx records globally.

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We completed the simultaneous migration of 9 tenants after our company merged. Updating the DNS and then watching the emails queuing and waiting for our server to come online was the easiest part of our migration.

Ganesh Ramanathan
Sr. Project Manager

Your product worked really well, thanks very much! I will be sure to come back next time we have this situation. Thanks for all your assistance.

Giorgio Del Grosso
Senior IS Solution & Enterprise Architect

As far as your team is concerned went everything worked as expected. As far as the project overall – there of course always are a few twists on something this size, most of which just required some adjustments on our side. But thank you for your hand holding and support.

Dustin Lloyd
Network Engineer - Plan B Tech

We had some very specific requirements. Thank you for your cheat sheet and reminder about the TTL on our MX record. It made the migration quite a bit faster.

Tyler P.
Senior Unified Communications Engineer

Office 365 & G Suite Tenant Migration Backup MX Features

High capacity servers that are available 24x7, to store your e-mails when your main server is down

Unlimited mailboxes and all emails held for up to 45 days

Control panel to view held messages and flush them for delivery to the primary mail server

Automatic failover whenever your mail server is unavailable

Exlusive Message Replay Feature

24x7 Technical Support - live chat, email and phone support